28th International Colloquium on Structural Information and Communication Complexity

Accepted papers

  • Dan Alistarh, Faith Ellen and Joel Rybicki: Wait-free approximate agreement on graphs
  • Antonio Fernandez Anta, Theophanis Hadjistasi, Chryssis Georgiou, Nicolas Nicolaou, Efstathios Stavrakis and Andria Tregeorgi: Fragmented Objects: Boosting Concurrency of Shared Large Objects
  • Aviv Bar-Natan, Panagiotis Charalampopoulos, Pawel Gawrychowski, Shay Mozes and Oren Weimann: Fault-Tolerant Distance Labeling for Planar Graphs
  • Davide Bilò, Luciano Gualà, Stefano Leucci, Guido Proietti and Mirko Rossi: New Approximation Algorithms for the Heterogeneous Weighted Delivery Problem
  • Nicolas Bousquet, Louis Esperet and François Pirot: Distributed algorithms for fractional coloring
  • Keren Censor-Hillel, Yannic Maus and Volodymyr Polosukhin: Near-Optimal Scheduling in the Congested Clique
  • Yi-Jun Chang, Jan Studený and Jukka Suomela: Distributed graph problems through an automata-theoretic lens
  • Jurek Czyzowicz, Stefan Dobrev, Evangelos Kranakis, Ryan Killick, Danny Krizanc, Lata Narayanan, Jaroslav Opatrny, Denis Pankratov and Sunil Shende: Graph Exploration by Energy-Sharing Mobile Agents
  • Beni Egressy, Henri Devillez, Robin Fritsch and Roger Wattenhofer: Multi-Agent Tree Evacuation
  • Giacomo Giuliari, Marc Wyss, Markus Legner and Adrian Perrig: GMA: A Pareto Optimal Distributed Resource-Allocation Algorithm
  • Barun Gorain, Kaushik Mondal, Himadri Nayak and Supantha Pandit: Pebble Guided Near Optimal Treasure Hunt in Anonymous Graphs
  • Magnús M. Halldórsson and Alexandre Nolin: Superfast Coloring in CONGEST via Efficient Color Sampling
  • Muhammad Khan and Nitin Vaidya: Testing Equality under the Local Broadcast Model
  • Simeon Kublenz, Sebastian Siebertz and Alexandre Vigny: Distributed domination on graph classes with bounded expansion
  • Christoph Lenzen and Hossein Vahidi: Approximate Minimum Directed Spanning Trees under Congestion
  • Bogdan-Adrian Manghiuc: Distributed Detection of Clusters of Arbitrary Size
  • Sergio Rajsbaum: A Distributed Computing Perspective of Unconditionally Secure Information Transmission in Russian Cards Problems
  • Sabrina Rashid, Gadi Taubenfeld and Ziv Bar-Joseph: The Epigenetic Consensus Problem
  • Kostas Tsichlas, Evangelos Kipouridis and Paul Spirakis: Threshold-based Network Structural Dynamics
  • Volker Turau: Synchronous Concurrent Broadcasts for Intermittent Channels with Bounded Capacities